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Similar String Groups Two strings X and Y are similar if we can swap two letters (in different positions) of X, so that it equals Y. Also two strings X and Y are similar if they are equal.

For example, "tars" and "rats" are similar (swapping at positions 0 and 2), and "rats" and "arts" are similar, but "star" is not similar to "tars""rats", or "arts".

Together, these form two connected groups by similarity: {"tars", "rats", "arts"} and {"star"}.  Notice that "tars" and "arts" are in the same group even though they are not similar.  Formally, each group is such that a word is in the group if and only if it is similar to at least one other word in the group.

We are given a list strs of strings where every string in strs is an anagram of every other string in strs. How many groups are there?

Example 1:

Input: strs = ["tars","rats","arts","star"]
Output: 2

Example 2:

Input: strs = ["omv","ovm"]
Output: 1


  • 1 <= strs.length <= 300
  • 1 <= strs[i].length <= 300
  • strs[i] consists of lowercase letters only.
  • All words in strs have the same length and are anagrams of each other.

Similar String Groups Solutions

Time: O(n)
Space: O(n)


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