PNG Full Form — What is the full form of PNG?

PNG Full Form — What is the full form of PNG? png full form gas

PNG: Portable Network Graphics

PNG full form is Portable Network Graphics. It is a format for storing bit-mapped (raster) images on computer. It is also known as a successor of GIF format images. It uses the less compression technique to save images like GIF file but without copyright issues. It contains a bitmap of indexed color so it is also called bit-mapped image.

History | PNG Full Form

Portable Network Graphics Format was developed in early 1995. The main reason behind its development was the limitation of 256 colors only in GIF. PNG has a file extension “.png”.

PNG Gas | PNG Full Form

PNG is a liquefied natural gas. Originally, it was a project to develop linked gas field in the Western Provinces of Papua New Guinea.

Benefits and applications of PNG

  • PNG supports various colours and patterns
  • The PNG format has solid colours and sharp edges which makes it perfect for image editing.
  • ONG supports digital-image compression.
  • PNG helps in making comics, drawing, charts, logo creation, blueprints, graphs etc.
  • By using PNG, scanning a text such as letters, journals, etc. can be done.

Advantages of PNG

  • PNG provides low-resolution images that look good and load quickly.
  • PNG format promotes transparency.

Disadvantages of PNG

PNG isn’t as perfect for photographs as JPEG since it produces a bigger file.

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