LeetCode All Problems Solution | 1001-2174

LeetCode Problems 1001-2174 Solutions in C++, Java, Python

1001Grid IlluminationHARDHash Table C++ Java Python
1002Find Common CharactersEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1003Check If Word Is Valid After SubstitutionsMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1004Max Consecutive Ones IIIMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1005Maximize Sum Of Array After K NegationsEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1006Clumsy FactorialMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1007Minimum Domino Rotations For Equal RowMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1008Construct Binary Search Tree from Preorder TraversalMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1009Complement of Base 10 IntegerEASYMathC++ Java Python
1010Pairs of Songs With Total Durations Divisible by 60EASYArrayC++ Java Python
1011Capacity To Ship Packages Within D DaysMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1012Numbers With Repeated DigitsHARDMathC++ Java Python
1013Partition Array Into Three Parts With Equal SumEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1014Best Sightseeing PairMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1015Smallest Integer Divisible by KMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1016Binary String With Substrings Representing 1 To NMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1017Convert to Base -2MEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1018Binary Prefix Divisible By 5EASYArrayC++ Java Python
1019Next Greater Node In Linked ListMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1020Number of EnclavesMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1021Remove Outermost ParenthesesEASYStackC++ Java Python
1022Sum of Root To Leaf Binary NumbersEASYTreeC++ Java Python
1023Camelcase MatchingMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1024Video StitchingMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1025Divisor GameEASYMathC++ Java Python
1026Maximum Difference Between Node and AncestorMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1027Longest Arithmetic SequenceMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1028Recover a Tree From Preorder TraversalHARDTreeC++ Java Python
1029Two City SchedulingEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1030Matrix Cells in Distance OrderEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1031Maximum Sum of Two Non-Overlapping SubarraysMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1032Stream of CharactersHARDTreeC++ Java Python
1033Moving Stones Until ConsecutiveEASYTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1034Coloring A BorderMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1035Uncrossed LinesMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1036Escape a Large MazeHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1037Valid BoomerangEASYMathC++ Java Python
1038Binary Search Tree to Greater Sum TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1039Minimum Score Triangulation of PolygonMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1040Moving Stones Until Consecutive IIMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1041Robot Bounded In CircleMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1042Flower Planting With No AdjacentEASYGraphC++ Java Python
1043Partition Array for Maximum SumMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1044Longest Duplicate SubstringHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1045Customers Who Bought All ProductsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1046Last Stone WeightEASYHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1047Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In StringEASYStackC++ Java Python
1048Longest String ChainMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1049Last Stone Weight IIMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1050Actors and Directors Who Cooperated At Least Three TimesEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1051Height CheckerEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1052Grumpy Bookstore OwnerMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1053Previous Permutation With One SwapMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1054Distant BarcodesMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1055Shortest Way to Form StringMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1056Confusing NumberEASYStringC++ Java Python
1057Campus BikesMEDIUMHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1058Minimize Rounding Error to Meet TargetMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1059All Paths from Source Lead to DestinationMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1060Missing Element in Sorted ArrayMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1061Lexicographically Smallest Equivalent StringMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1062Longest Repeating SubstringMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1063Number of Valid SubarraysHARDStackC++ Java Python
1064Fixed PointEASYBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1065Index Pairs of a StringEASYTreeC++ Java Python
1066Campus Bikes IIMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1067Digit Count in RangeHARDMathC++ Java Python
1068Product Sales Analysis IEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1069Product Sales Analysis IIEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1070Product Sales Analysis IIIMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1071Greatest Common Divisor of StringsEASYStringC++ Java Python
1072Flip Columns For Maximum Number of Equal RowsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1073Adding Two Negabinary NumbersMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1074Number of Submatrices That Sum to TargetHARDArrayC++ Java Python
1075Project Employees IEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1076Project Employees IIEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1077Project Employees IIIMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1078Occurrences After BigramEASYStringC++ Java Python
1079Letter Tile PossibilitiesMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1080Insufficient Nodes in Root to Leaf PathsMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1081Smallest Subsequence of Distinct CharactersMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1082Sales Analysis IEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1083Sales Analysis IIEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1084Sales Analysis IIIEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1085Sum of Digits in the Minimum NumberEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1086High FiveEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1087Brace ExpansionMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1088Confusing Number IIHARDMathC++ Java Python
1089Duplicate ZerosEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1090Largest Values From LabelsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1091Shortest Path in Binary MatrixMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1092Shortest Common SupersequenceHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1093Statistics from a Large SampleMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1094Car PoolingMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1095Find in Mountain ArrayHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1096Brace Expansion IIHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1097Game Play Analysis VHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1098Unpopular BooksMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1099Two Sum Less Than KEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1100Find K-Length Substrings With No Repeated CharactersMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1101The Earliest Moment When Everyone Become FriendsMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1102Path With Maximum Minimum ValueMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1103Distribute Candies to PeopleEASYMathC++ Java Python
1104Path In Zigzag Labelled Binary TreeEASYTreeC++ Java Python
1105Filling Bookcase ShelvesMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1106Parsing A Boolean ExpressionHARDRecursionC++ Java Python
1107New Users Daily CountMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1108Defanging an IP AddressEASYStringC++ Java Python
1109Corporate Flight BookingsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1110Delete Nodes And Return ForestMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1111Maximum Nesting Depth of Two Valid Parentheses StringsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1112Highest Grade For Each StudentMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1113Reported PostsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1114Print in OrderEASYConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1115Print FooBar AlternatelyMEDIUMConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1116Print Zero Even OddMEDIUMConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1117Building H2OHARDConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1118Number of Days in a MonthEASYMathC++ Java Python
1119Remove Vowels from a StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1120Maximum Average SubtreeEASYTreeC++ Java Python
1121Divide Array Into Increasing SequencesHARDMathC++ Java Python
1122Relative Sort ArrayEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1123Lowest Common Ancestor of Deepest LeavesMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1124Longest Well-Performing IntervalMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1125Smallest Sufficient TeamHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1126Active BusinessesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1127User Purchase PlatformHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1128Number of Equivalent Domino PairsEASYMathC++ Java Python
1129Shortest Path with Alternating ColorsMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1130Minimum Cost Tree From Leaf ValuesMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1131Maximum of Absolute Value ExpressionMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1132Reported Posts IIMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1133Largest Unique NumberEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1134Armstrong NumberEASYMathC++ Java Python
1135Connecting Cities With Minimum CostMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1136Parallel CoursesHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1137N-th Tribonacci NumberEASYDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1138Alphabet Board PathMEDIUMSimulationC++ Java Python
1139Largest 1-Bordered SquareMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1140Stone Game IIMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1141User Activity for the Past 30 Days IEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1142User Activity for the Past 30 Days IIEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1143Longest Common SubsequenceMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1144Decrease Elements To Make Array ZigzagMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1145Binary Tree Coloring GameMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1146Snapshot ArrayMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1147Longest Chunked Palindrome DecompositionHARDStringC++ Java Python
1148Article Views IEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1149Article Views IIMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1150Check If a Number Is Majority Element in a Sorted ArrayEASYMathC++ Java Python
1151Minimum Swaps to Group All 1's TogetherMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1152Analyze User Website Visit PatternMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1153String Transforms Into Another StringHARDHash TableC++ Java Python
1154Day of the YearEASYMathC++ Java Python
1155Number of Dice Rolls With Target SumMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1156Swap For Longest Repeated Character SubstringMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1157Online Majority Element In SubarrayHARDMathC++ Java Python
1158Market Analysis IMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1159Market Analysis IIHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1160Find Words That Can Be Formed by CharactersEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1161Maximum Level Sum of a Binary TreeMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1162As Far from Land as PossibleMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1163Last Substring in Lexicographical OrderHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1164Product Price at a Given DateMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1165Single-Row KeyboardEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1166Design File SystemMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1167Minimum Cost to Connect SticksMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1168Optimize Water Distribution in a VillageHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1169Invalid TransactionsMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1170Compare Strings by Frequency of the Smallest CharacterEASYBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1171Remove Zero Sum Consecutive Nodes from Linked ListMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1172Dinner Plate StacksHARDDesignC++ Java Python
1173Immediate Food Delivery IEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1174Immediate Food Delivery IIMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1175Prime ArrangementsEASYMathC++ Java Python
1176Diet Plan PerformanceEASYTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1177Can Make Palindrome from SubstringMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1178Number of Valid Words for Each PuzzleHARDStringC++ Java Python
1179Reformat Department TableEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1180Count Substrings with Only One Distinct LetterEASYLinked ListC++ Java Python
1181Before and After PuzzleMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1182Shortest Distance to Target ColorMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1183Maximum Number of OnesHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1184Distance Between Bus StopsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1185Day of the WeekEASYMathC++ Java Python
1186Maximum Subarray Sum with One DeletionMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1187Make Array Strictly IncreasingHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1188Design Bounded Blocking QueueMEDIUMConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1189Maximum Number of BalloonsEASYStringC++ Java Python
1190Reverse Substrings Between Each Pair of ParenthesesMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1191K-Concatenation Maximum SumMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1192Critical Connections in a NetworkHARDDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1193Monthly Transactions IMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1194Tournament WinnersHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1195Fizz Buzz MultithreadedMEDIUMConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1196How Many Apples Can You Put into the BasketEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1197Minimum Knight MovesMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1198Find Smallest Common Element in All RowsMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1199Minimum Time to Build BlocksHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1200Minimum Absolute DifferenceEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1201Ugly Number IIIMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1202Smallest String With SwapsMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1203Sort Items by Groups Respecting DependenciesHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1204Last Person to Fit in the ElevatorMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1205Monthly Transactions IIMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1206Design SkiplistHARDDesignC++ Java Python
1207Unique Number of OccurrencesEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1208Get Equal Substrings Within BudgetMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1209Remove All Adjacent Duplicates in String IIMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1210Minimum Moves to Reach Target with RotationsHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1211Queries Quality and PercentageEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1212Team Scores in Football TournamentMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1213Intersection of Three Sorted ArraysEASYTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1214Two Sum BSTsMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1215Stepping NumbersMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1216Valid Palindrome IIIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1217Play with ChipsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1218Longest Arithmetic Subsequence of Given DifferenceMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1219Path with Maximum GoldMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1220Count Vowels PermutationHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1221Split a String in Balanced StringsEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1222Queens That Can Attack the KingMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1223Dice Roll SimulationMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1224Maximum Equal FrequencyHARDHash TableC++ Java Python
1225Report Contiguous DatesHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1226The Dining PhilosophersMEDIUMConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1227Airplane Seat Assignment ProbabilityMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1228Missing Number In Arithmetic ProgressionEASYBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1229Meeting SchedulerMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1230Toss Strange CoinsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1231Divide ChocolateHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1232Check If It Is a Straight LineEASYMathC++ Java Python
1233Remove Sub-Folders from the FilesystemMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1234Replace the Substring for Balanced StringMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1235Maximum Profit in Job SchedulingHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1236Web CrawlerMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1237Find Positive Integer Solution for a Given EquationEASYMathC++ Java Python
1238Circular Permutation in Binary RepresentationMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1239Maximum Length of a Concatenated String with Unique CharactersMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1240Tiling a Rectangle with the Fewest SquaresHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1241Number of Comments per PostEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1242Web Crawler MultithreadedMEDIUMConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1243Array TransformationEASYSimulationC++ Java Python
1244Design A LeaderboardMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1245Tree DiameterMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1246Palindrome RemovalHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1247Minimum Swaps to Make Strings EqualEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1248Count Number of Nice SubarraysMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1249Minimum Remove to Make Valid ParenthesesMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1250Check If It Is a Good ArrayHARDMathC++ Java Python
1251Average Selling PriceEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1252Cells with Odd Values in a MatrixEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1253Reconstruct a 2-Row Binary MatrixMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1254Number of Closed IslandsMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1255Maximum Score Words Formed by LettersHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1256Encode NumberMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1257Smallest Common RegionMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1258Synonymous SentencesMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1259Handshakes That Don't CrossHARDMathC++ Java Python
1260Shift 2D GridEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1261Find Elements in a Contaminated Binary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1262Greatest Sum Divisible by ThreeMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1263Minimum Moves to Move a Box to Their Target LocationHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1264Page RecommendationsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1265Print Immutable Linked List in ReverseMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1266Minimum Time Visiting All PointsEASYMathC++ Java Python
1267Count Servers that CommunicateMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1268Search Suggestions SystemMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1269Number of Ways to Stay in the Same Place After Some StepsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1270All People Report to the Given ManagerMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1271HexspeakEASYStringC++ Java Python
1272Remove IntervalMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1273Delete Tree NodesMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1274Number of Ships in a RectangleHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1275Find Winner on a Tic Tac Toe GameEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1276Number of Burgers with No Waste of IngredientsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1277Count Square Submatrices with All OnesMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1278Palindrome Partitioning IIIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1279Traffic Light Controlled IntersectionEASYConcurrencyC++ Java Python
1280Students and ExaminationsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1281Subtract the Product and Sum of Digits of an IntegerEASYMathC++ Java Python
1282Group the People Given the Group Size They Belong ToMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1283Find the Smallest Divisor Given a ThresholdMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1284Minimum Number of Flips to Convert Binary Matrix to Zero MatrixHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1285Find the Start and End Number of Continuous RangesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1286Iterator for CombinationMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1287Element Appearing More Than 25% In Sorted ArrayEASYBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1288Remove Covered IntervalsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1289Minimum Falling Path Sum IIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1290Convert Binary Number in a Linked List to IntegerEASYLinked ListC++ Java Python
1291Sequential DigitsMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1292Maximum Side Length of a Square with Sum Less than or Equal to ThresholdMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1293Shortest Path in a Grid with Obstacles EliminationHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1294Weather Type in Each CountryEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1295Find Numbers with Even Number of DigitsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1296Divide Array in Sets of K Consecutive NumbersMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1297Maximum Number of Occurrences of a SubstringMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1298Maximum Candies You Can Get from BoxesHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1299Replace Elements with Greatest Element on Right SideEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1300Sum of Mutated Array Closest to TargetMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1301Number of Paths with Max ScoreHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1302Deepest Leaves SumMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1303Find the Team SizeEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1304Find N Unique Integers Sum up to ZeroEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1305All Elements in Two Binary Search TreesMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1306Jump Game IIIMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1307Verbal Arithmetic PuzzleHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1308Running Total for Different GendersMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1309Decrypt String from Alphabet to Integer MappingEASYStringC++ Java Python
1310XOR Queries of a SubarrayMEDIUMBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1311Get Watched Videos by Your FriendsMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1312Minimum Insertion Steps to Make a String PalindromeHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1313Decompress Run-Length Encoded ListEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1314Matrix Block SumMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1315Sum of Nodes with Even-Valued GrandparentMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1316Distinct Echo SubstringsHARDTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1317Convert Integer to the Sum of Two No-Zero IntegersEASYMathC++ Java Python
1318Minimum Flips to Make a OR b Equal to cMEDIUMBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1319Number of Operations to Make Network ConnectedMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1320Minimum Distance to Type a Word Using Two FingersHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1321Restaurant GrowthMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1322Ads PerformanceEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1323Maximum 69 NumberEASYMathC++ Java Python
1324Print Words VerticallyMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1325Delete Leaves With a Given ValueMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1326Minimum Number of Taps to Open to Water a GardenHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1327List the Products Ordered in a PeriodEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1328Break a PalindromeMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1329Sort the Matrix DiagonallyMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1330Reverse Subarray To Maximize Array ValueHARDMathC++ Java Python
1331Rank Transform of an ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1332Remove Palindromic SubsequencesEASYStringC++ Java Python
1333Filter Restaurants by Vegan-Friendly, Price and DistanceMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1334Find the City With the Smallest Number of Neighbors at a Threshold DistanceMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1335Minimum Difficulty of a Job ScheduleHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1336Number of Transactions per VisitMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1337The K Weakest Rows in a MatrixEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1338Reduce Array Size to The HalfMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1339Maximum Product of Splitted Binary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1340Jump Game VHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1341Movie RatingMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1342Number of Steps to Reduce a Number to ZeroEASYBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1343Number of Sub-arrays of Size K and Average Greater than or Equal to ThresholdMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1344Angle Between Hands of a ClockMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1345Jump Game IVHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1346Check If N and Its Double ExistEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1347Minimum Number of Steps to Make Two Strings AnagramMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1348Tweet Counts Per FrequencyMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1349Maximum Students Taking ExamHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1350Students With Invalid DepartmentsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1351Count Negative Numbers in a Sorted MatrixEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1352Product of the Last K NumbersMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1353Maximum Number of Events That Can Be AttendedMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1354Construct Target Array With Multiple SumsHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1355Activity ParticipantsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1356Sort Integers by The Number of 1 BitsEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1357Apply Discount Every n OrdersMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1358Number of Substrings Containing All Three CharactersMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1359Count All Valid Pickup and Delivery OptionsHARDMathC++ Java Python
1360Number of Days Between Two DatesEASYMathC++ Java Python
1361Validate Binary Tree NodesMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1362Closest DivisorsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1363Largest Multiple of ThreeHARDMathC++ Java Python
1364Number of Trusted Contacts of a CustomerMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1365How Many Numbers Are Smaller Than the Current NumberEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1366Rank Teams by VotesMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1367Linked List in Binary TreeMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1368Minimum Cost to Make at Least One Valid Path in a GridHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1369Get the Second Most Recent ActivityHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1370Increasing Decreasing StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1371Find the Longest Substring Containing Vowels in Even CountsMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1372Longest ZigZag Path in a Binary TreeMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1373Maximum Sum BST in Binary TreeHARDBinary Search TreeC++ Java Python
1374Generate a String With Characters That Have Odd CountEASYStringC++ Java Python
1375Bulb Switcher IIIMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1376Time Needed to Inform All EmployeesMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1377Frog Position After T SecondsHARDDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1378Replace Employee ID With The Unique IdentifierEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1379Find a Corresponding Node of a Binary Tree in a Clone of That TreeMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1380Lucky Numbers in a MatrixEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1381Design a Stack With Increment OperationMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1382Balance a Binary Search TreeMEDIUMBinary Search TreeC++ Java Python
1383Maximum Performance of a TeamHARDHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1384Total Sales Amount by YearHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1385Find the Distance Value Between Two ArraysEASYBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1386Cinema Seat AllocationMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1387Sort Integers by The Power ValueMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1388Pizza With 3n SlicesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1389Create Target Array in the Given OrderEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1390Four DivisorsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1391Check if There is a Valid Path in a GridMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1392Longest Happy PrefixHARDStringC++ Java Python
1393Capital Gain/LossMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1394Find Lucky Integer in an ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1395Count Number of TeamsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1396Design Underground SystemMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1397Find All Good StringsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1398Customers Who Bought Products A and B but Not CMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1399Count Largest GroupEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1400Construct K Palindrome StringsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1401Circle and Rectangle OverlappingMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1402Reducing DishesHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1403Minimum Subsequence in Non-Increasing OrderEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1404Number of Steps to Reduce a Number in Binary Representation to OneMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1405Longest Happy StringMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1406Stone Game IIIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1407Top TravellersEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1408String Matching in an ArrayEASYStringC++ Java Python
1409Queries on a Permutation With KeyMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1410HTML Entity ParserMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1411Number of Ways to Paint N × 3 GridHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1412Find the Quiet Students in All ExamsHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1413Minimum Value to Get Positive Step by Step SumEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1414Find the Minimum Number of Fibonacci Numbers Whose Sum Is KMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1415The k-th Lexicographical String of All Happy Strings of Length nMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1416Restore The ArrayHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1417Reformat The StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1418Display Table of Food Orders in a RestaurantMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1419Minimum Number of Frogs CroakingMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1420Build Array Where You Can Find The Maximum Exactly K ComparisonsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1421NPV QueriesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1422Maximum Score After Splitting a StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1423Maximum Points You Can Obtain from CardsMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1424Diagonal Traverse IIMEDIUMQueueC++ Java Python
1425Constrained Subset SumHARDTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1426Counting ElementsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1427Perform String ShiftsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1428Leftmost Column with at Least a OneMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1429First Unique NumberMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1430Check If a String Is a Valid Sequence from Root to Leaves Path in a Binary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1431Kids With the Greatest Number of CandiesEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1432Max Difference You Can Get From Changing an IntegerMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1433Check If a String Can Break Another StringMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1434Number of Ways to Wear Different Hats to Each OtherHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1435Create a Session Bar ChartEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1436Destination CityEASYStringC++ Java Python
1437Check If All 1's Are at Least Length K Places AwayMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1438Longest Continuous Subarray With Absolute Diff Less Than or Equal to LimitHARDQueueC++ Java Python
1439Find the Kth Smallest Sum of a Matrix With Sorted RowsHARDHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1440Evaluate Boolean ExpressionMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1441Build an Array With Stack OperationsEASYStackC++ Java Python
1442Count Triplets That Can Form Two Arrays of Equal XORMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1443Minimum Time to Collect All Apples in a TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1444Number of Ways of Cutting a PizzaHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1445Apples & OrangesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1446Consecutive CharactersEASYStringC++ Java Python
1447Simplified FractionsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1448Count Good Nodes in Binary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1449Form Largest Integer With Digits That Add up to TargetHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1450Number of Students Doing Homework at a Given TimeEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1451Rearrange Words in a SentenceMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1452People Whose List of Favorite Companies Is Not a Subset of Another ListMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1453Maximum Number of Darts Inside of a Circular DartboardHARDGeometryC++ Java Python
1454Active UsersMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1455Check If a Word Occurs As a Prefix of Any Word in a SentenceEASYStringC++ Java Python
1456Maximum Number of Vowels in a Substring of Given LengthMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1457Pseudo-Palindromic Paths in a Binary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1458Max Dot Product of Two SubsequencesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1459Rectangles AreaMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1460Make Two Arrays Equal by Reversing Sub-arraysEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1461Check If a String Contains All Binary Codes of Size KMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1462Course Schedule IVMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1463Cherry Pickup IIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1464Maximum Product of Two Elements in an ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1465Maximum Area of a Piece of Cake After Horizontal and Vertical CutsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1466Reorder Routes to Make All Paths Lead to the City ZeroMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1467Probability of a Two Boxes Having The Same Number of Distinct BallsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1468Calculate SalariesEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1469Find All The Lonely NodesEASYTreeC++ Java Python
1470Shuffle the ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1471The k Strongest Values in an ArrayMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1472Design Browser HistoryMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1473Paint House IIIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1474Delete N Nodes After M Nodes of a Linked ListEASYLinked ListC++ Java Python
1475Final Prices With a Special Discount in a ShopEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1476Subrectangle QueriesMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1477Find Two Non-overlapping Sub-arrays Each With Target SumMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1478Allocate MailboxesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1479Sales by Day of the WeekHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1480Running Sum of 1d ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1481Least Number of Unique Integers after K RemovalsMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1482Minimum Number of Days to Make m BouquetsMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1483Kth Ancestor of a Tree NodeHARDDesignC++ Java Python
1484Group Sold Products By The DateEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1485Clone Binary Tree With Random PointerMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1486XOR Operation in an ArrayEASYMathC++ Java Python
1487Making File Names UniqueMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1488Avoid Flood in The CityMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1489Find Critical and Pseudo-Critical Edges in Minimum Spanning TreeHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1490Clone N-ary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1491Average Salary Excluding the Minimum and Maximum SalaryEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1492The kth Factor of nMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1493Longest Subarray of 1's After Deleting One ElementMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1494Parallel Courses IIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1495Friendly Movies Streamed Last MonthEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1496Path CrossingEASYStringC++ Java Python
1497Check If Array Pairs Are Divisible by kMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1498Number of Subsequences That Satisfy the Given Sum ConditionMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1499Max Value of EquationHARDQueueC++ Java Python
1500Design a File Sharing SystemMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1501Countries You Can Safely Invest InMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1502Can Make Arithmetic Progression From SequenceEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1503Last Moment Before All Ants Fall Out of a PlankMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1504Count Submatrices With All OnesMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1505Minimum Possible Integer After at Most K Adjacent Swaps On DigitsHARDTreeC++ Java Python
1506Find Root of N-Ary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1507Reformat DateEASYStringC++ Java Python
1508Range Sum of Sorted Subarray SumsMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1509Minimum Difference Between Largest and Smallest Value in Three MovesMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1510Stone Game IVHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1511Customer Order FrequencyEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1512Number of Good PairsEASYMathC++ Java Python
1513Number of Substrings With Only 1sMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1514Path with Maximum ProbabilityMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1515Best Position for a Service CentreHARDGeometryC++ Java Python
1516Move Sub-Tree of N-Ary TreeHARDTreeC++ Java Python
1517Find Users With Valid E-MailsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1518Water BottlesEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1519Number of Nodes in the Sub-Tree With the Same LabelMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1520Maximum Number of Non-Overlapping SubstringsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1521Find a Value of a Mysterious Function Closest to TargetHARDTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1522Diameter of N-Ary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1523Count Odd Numbers in an Interval RangeEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1524Number of Sub-arrays With Odd SumMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1525Number of Good Ways to Split a StringMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1526Minimum Number of Increments on Subarrays to Form a Target ArrayHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1527Patients With a ConditionEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1528Shuffle StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1529Bulb Switcher IVMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1530Number of Good Leaf Nodes PairsMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1531String Compression IIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1532The Most Recent Three OrdersMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1533Find the Index of the Large IntegerMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1534Count Good TripletsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1535Find the Winner of an Array GameMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1536Minimum Swaps to Arrange a Binary GridMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1537Get the Maximum ScoreHARDMathC++ Java Python
1538Guess the Majority in a Hidden ArrayMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1539Kth Missing Positive NumberEASYBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1540Can Convert String in K MovesMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1541Minimum Insertions to Balance a Parentheses StringMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1542Find Longest Awesome SubstringHARDStringC++ Java Python
1543Fix Product Name FormatEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1544Make The String GreatEASYStringC++ Java Python
1545Find Kth Bit in Nth Binary StringMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1546Maximum Number of Non-Overlapping Subarrays With Sum Equals TargetMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1547Minimum Cost to Cut a StickHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1548The Most Similar Path in a GraphHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1549The Most Recent Orders for Each ProductMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1550Three Consecutive OddsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1551Minimum Operations to Make Array EqualMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1552Magnetic Force Between Two BallsMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1553Minimum Number of Days to Eat N OrangesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1554Strings Differ by One CharacterMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1555Bank Account SummaryMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1556Thousand SeparatorEASYStringC++ Java Python
1557Minimum Number of Vertices to Reach All NodesMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1558Minimum Numbers of Function Calls to Make Target ArrayMEDIUMBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1559Detect Cycles in 2D GridHARDArrayC++ Java Python
1560Most Visited Sector in a Circular TrackEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1561Maximum Number of Coins You Can GetMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1562Find Latest Group of Size MMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1563Stone Game VHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1564Put Boxes Into the Warehouse IMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1565Unique Orders and Customers Per MonthEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1566Detect Pattern of Length M Repeated K or More TimesEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1567Maximum Length of Subarray With Positive ProductMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1568Minimum Number of Days to Disconnect IslandMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1569Number of Ways to Reorder Array to Get Same BSTHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1570Dot Product of Two Sparse VectorsMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1571Warehouse ManagerMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1572Matrix Diagonal SumEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1573Number of Ways to Split a StringMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1574Shortest Subarray to be Removed to Make Array SortedMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1575Count All Possible RoutesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1576Replace All ?'s to Avoid Consecutive Repeating CharactersEASYStringC++ Java Python
1577Number of Ways Where Square of Number Is Equal to Product of Two NumbersMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1578Minimum Deletion Cost to Avoid Repeating LettersMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1579Remove Max Number of Edges to Keep Graph Fully TraversableHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1580Put Boxes Into the Warehouse IIMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1581Customer Who Visited but Did Not Make Any TransactionsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1582Special Positions in a Binary MatrixEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1583Count Unhappy FriendsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1584Min Cost to Connect All PointsMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1585Check If String Is Transformable With Substring Sort OperationsHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1586Binary Search Tree Iterator IIMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1587Bank Account Summary IIEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1588Sum of All Odd Length SubarraysEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1589Maximum Sum Obtained of Any PermutationMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1590Make Sum Divisible by PMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1591Strange Printer IIHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1592Rearrange Spaces Between WordsEASYStringC++ Java Python
1593Split a String Into the Max Number of Unique SubstringsMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1594Maximum Non Negative Product in a MatrixMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1595Minimum Cost to Connect Two Groups of PointsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1596The Most Frequently Ordered Products for Each CustomerMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1597Build Binary Expression Tree From Infix ExpressionMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1598Crawler Log FolderEASYStringC++ Java Python
1599Maximum Profit of Operating a Centennial WheelMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1600Throne InheritanceMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1601Maximum Number of Achievable Transfer RequestsHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1602Find Nearest Right Node in Binary TreeMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1603Design Parking SystemEASYDesignC++ Java Python
1604Alert Using Same Key-Card Three or More Times in a One Hour PeriodMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1605Find Valid Matrix Given Row and Column SumsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1606Find Servers That Handled Most Number of RequestsHARDHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1607Sellers With No SalesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1608Special Array With X Elements Greater Than or Equal XEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1609Even Odd TreeMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1610Maximum Number of Visible PointsHARDGeometryC++ Java Python
1611Minimum One Bit Operations to Make Integers ZeroHARDMathC++ Java Python
1612Check If Two Expression Trees are EquivalentMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1613Find the Missing IDsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1614Maximum Nesting Depth of the ParenthesesEASYStringC++ Java Python
1615Maximal Network RankMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1616Split Two Strings to Make PalindromeMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1617Count Subtrees With Max Distance Between CitiesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1618Maximum Font to Fit a Sentence in a ScreenMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1619Mean of Array After Removing Some ElementsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1620Coordinate With Maximum Network QualityMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1621Number of Sets of K Non-Overlapping Line SegmentsMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1622Fancy SequenceHARDDesignC++ Java Python
1623All Valid Triplets That Can Represent a CountryEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1624Largest Substring Between Two Equal CharactersEASYStringC++ Java Python
1625Lexicographically Smallest String After Applying OperationsMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1626Best Team With No ConflictsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1627Graph Connectivity With ThresholdHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1628Design an Expression Tree With Evaluate FunctionMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1629Slowest KeyEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1630Arithmetic SubarraysMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1631Path With Minimum EffortMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1632Rank Transform of a MatrixHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1633Percentage of Users Attended a ContestEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1634Add Two Polynomials Represented as Linked ListsMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1635Hopper Company Queries IHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1636Sort Array by Increasing FrequencyEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1637Widest Vertical Area Between Two Points Containing No PointsMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1638Count Substrings That Differ by One CharacterMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1639Number of Ways to Form a Target String Given a DictionaryHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1640Check Array Formation Through ConcatenationEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1641Count Sorted Vowel StringsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1642Furthest Building You Can ReachMEDIUMHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1643Kth Smallest InstructionsHARDMathC++ Java Python
1644Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree IIMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1645Hopper Company Queries IIHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1646Get Maximum in Generated ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1647Minimum Deletions to Make Character Frequencies UniqueMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1648Sell Diminishing-Valued Colored BallsMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1649Create Sorted Array through InstructionsHARDTreeC++ Java Python
1650Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree IIIMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1651Hopper Company Queries IIIHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1652Defuse the BombEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1653Minimum Deletions to Make String BalancedMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1654Minimum Jumps to Reach HomeMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1655Distribute Repeating IntegersHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1656Design an Ordered StreamEASYDesignC++ Java Python
1657Determine if Two Strings Are CloseMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1658Minimum Operations to Reduce X to ZeroMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1659Maximize Grid HappinessHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1660Correct a Binary TreeMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1661Average Time of Process per MachineEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1662Check If Two String Arrays are EquivalentEASYStringC++ Java Python
1663Smallest String With A Given Numeric ValueMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1664Ways to Make a Fair ArrayMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1665Minimum Initial Energy to Finish TasksHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1666Change the Root of a Binary TreeMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1667Fix Names in a TableEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1668Maximum Repeating SubstringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1669Merge In Between Linked ListsMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1670Design Front Middle Back QueueMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1671Minimum Number of Removals to Make Mountain ArrayMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1672Richest Customer WealthEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1673Find the Most Competitive SubsequenceMeidumGreedyC++ Java Python
1674Minimum Moves to Make Array ComplementaryMeidumGreedyC++ Java Python
1675Minimize Deviation in ArrayHARDHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1676Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree IVMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1677Product's Worth Over InvoicesEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1678Goal Parser InterpretationEASYStringC++ Java Python
1679Max Number of K-Sum PairsMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1680Concatenation of Consecutive Binary NumbersMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1681Minimum IncompatibilityHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1682Longest Palindromic Subsequence IIMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1683Invalid TweetsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1684Count the Number of Consistent StringsEASYStringC++ Java Python
1685Sum of Absolute Differences in a Sorted ArrayMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1686Stone Game VIMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1687Delivering Boxes from Storage to PortsHARDTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1688Count of Matches in TournamentEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1689Partitioning Into Minimum Number Of Deci-Binary NumbersMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1690Stone Game VIIMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1691Maximum Height by Stacking CuboidsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1692Count Ways to Distribute CandiesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1693Daily Leads and PartnersEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1694Reformat Phone NumberEASYStringC++ Java Python
1695Maximum Erasure ValueMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1696Jump Game VIMEDIUMQueueC++ Java Python
1697Checking Existence of Edge Length Limited PathsHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1698Number of Distinct Substrings in a StringMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1699Number of Calls Between Two PersonsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1700Number of Students Unable to Eat LunchEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1701Average Waiting TimeMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1702Maximum Binary String After ChangeMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1703Minimum Adjacent Swaps for K Consecutive OnesHARDSortingC++ Java Python
1704Determine if String Halves Are AlikeEASYStringC++ Java Python
1705Maximum Number of Eaten ApplesMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1706Where Will the Ball FallMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1707Maximum XOR With an Element From ArrayHARDBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1708Largest Subarray Length KEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1709Biggest Window Between VisitsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1710Maximum Units on a TruckEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1711Count Good MealsMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1712Ways to Split Array Into Three SubarraysMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1713Minimum Operations to Make a SubsequenceHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1714Sum Of Special Evenly-Spaced Elements In ArrayHARDArrayC++ Java Python
1715Count Apples and OrangesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1716Calculate Money in Leetcode BankEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1717Maximum Score From Removing SubstringsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1718Construct the Lexicographically Largest Valid SequenceMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1719Number Of Ways To Reconstruct A TreeHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1720Decode XORed ArrayEASYBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1721Swapping Nodes in a Linked ListMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1722Minimize Hamming Distance After Swap OperationsMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1723Find Minimum Time to Finish All JobsHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1724Checking Existence of Edge Length Limited Paths IIHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1725Number Of Rectangles That Can Form The Largest SquareEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1726Tuple with Same ProductMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1727Largest Submatrix With RearrangementsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1728Cat and Mouse IIHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1729Find Followers CountEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1730Shortest Path to Get FoodMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1731The Number of Employees Which Report to Each EmployeeEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1732Find the Highest AltitudeMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1733Minimum Number of People to TeachMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1734Decode XORed PermutationMEDIUMBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1735Count Ways to Make Array With ProductHARDMathC++ Java Python
1736Latest Time by Replacing Hidden DigitsEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1737Change Minimum Characters to Satisfy One of Three ConditionsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1738Find Kth Largest XOR Coordinate ValueMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1739Building BoxesHARDMathC++ Java Python
1740Find Distance in a Binary TreeMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1741Find Total Time Spent by Each EmployeeEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1742Maximum Number of Balls in a BoxEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1743Restore the Array From Adjacent PairsMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1744Can You Eat Your Favorite Candy on Your Favorite Day?MEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1745Palindrome Partitioning IVHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1746Maximum Subarray Sum After One OperationMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1747Leetflex Banned AccountsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1748Sum of Unique ElementsEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1749Maximum Absolute Sum of Any SubarrayMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1750Minimum Length of String After Deleting Similar EndsMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1751Maximum Number of Events That Can Be Attended IIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1752Check if Array Is Sorted and RotatedEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1753Maximum Score From Removing StonesMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1754Largest Merge Of Two StringsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1755Closest Subsequence SumHARDArrayC++ Java Python
1756Design Most Recently Used QueueMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1757Recyclable and Low Fat ProductsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1758Minimum Changes To Make Alternating Binary StringEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1759Count Number of Homogenous SubstringsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1760Minimum Limit of Balls in a BagMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1761Minimum Degree of a Connected Trio in a GraphHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1762Buildings With an Ocean ViewMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1763Longest Nice SubstringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1764Form Array by Concatenating Subarrays of Another ArrayMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1765Map of Highest PeakMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1766Tree of CoprimesHARDDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1767Find the Subtasks That Did Not ExecuteHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1768Merge Strings AlternatelyEASYStringC++ Java Python
1769Minimum Number of Operations to Move All Balls to Each BoxMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1770Maximum Score from Performing Multiplication OperationsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1771Maximize Palindrome Length From SubsequencesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1772Sort Features by PopularityMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1773Count Items Matching a RuleEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1774Closest Dessert CostMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1775Equal Sum Arrays With Minimum Number of OperationsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1776Car Fleet IIHARDMathC++ Java Python
1777Product's Price for Each StoreEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1778Shortest Path in a Hidden GridMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1779Find Nearest Point That Has the Same X or Y CoordinateEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1780Check if Number is a Sum of Powers of ThreeMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1781Sum of Beauty of All SubstringsMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1782Count Pairs Of NodesHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1783Grand Slam TitlesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1784Check if Binary String Has at Most One Segment of OnesEASYStringC++ Java Python
1785Minimum Elements to Add to Form a Given SumMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1786Number of Restricted Paths From First to Last NodeMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1787Make the XOR of All Segments Equal to ZeroHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1788Maximize the Beauty of the GardenHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1789Primary Department for Each EmployeeEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1790Check if One String Swap Can Make Strings EqualEASYStringC++ Java Python
1791Find Center of Star GraphMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1792Maximum Average Pass RatioMEDIUMHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1793Maximum Score of a Good SubarrayHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1794Count Pairs of Equal Substrings With Minimum DifferenceMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1795Rearrange Products TableEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1796Second Largest Digit in a StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1797Design Authentication ManagerMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1798Maximum Number of Consecutive Values You Can MakeMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1799Maximize Score After N OperationsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1800Maximum Ascending Subarray SumEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1801Number of Orders in the BacklogMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1802Maximum Value at a Given Index in a Bounded ArrayMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1803Count Pairs With XOR in a RangeHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1804Implement Trie II (Prefix Tree)MEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1805Number of Different Integers in a StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1806Minimum Number of Operations to Reinitialize a PermutationMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1807Evaluate the Bracket Pairs of a StringMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1808Maximize Number of Nice DivisorsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1809Ad-Free SessionsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1810Minimum Path Cost in a Hidden GridMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1811Find Interview CandidatesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1812Determine Color of a Chessboard SquareEASYMathC++ Java Python
1813Sentence Similarity IIIMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1814Count Nice Pairs in an ArrayMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1815Maximum Number of Groups Getting Fresh DonutsHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1816Truncate SentenceEASYStringC++ Java Python
1817Finding the Users Active MinutesMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1818Minimum Absolute Sum DifferenceMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1819Number of Different Subsequences GCDsHARDMathC++ Java Python
1820Maximum Number of Accepted InvitationsMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1821Find Customers With Positive Revenue this YearEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1822Sign of the Product of an ArrayEASYMathC++ Java Python
1823Find the Winner of the Circular GameMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1824Minimum Sideway JumpsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1825Finding MK AverageHARDDesignC++ Java Python
1826Faulty SensorEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1827Minimum Operations to Make the Array IncreasingEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1828Queries on Number of Points Inside a CircleMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1829Maximum XOR for Each QueryMEDIUMBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
1830Minimum Number of Operations to Make String SortedHARDMathC++ Java Python
1831Maximum Transaction Each DayMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1832Check if the Sentence Is PangramEASYStringC++ Java Python
1833Maximum Ice Cream BarsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1834Single-Threaded CPUMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
1835Find XOR Sum of All Pairs Bitwise ANDHARDMathC++ Java Python
1836Remove Duplicates From an Unsorted Linked ListMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
1837Sum of Digits in Base KEASYMathC++ Java Python
1838Frequency of the Most Frequent ElementMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1839Longest Substring Of All Vowels in OrderMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1840Maximum Building HeightHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1841League StatisticsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1842Next Palindrome Using Same DigitsHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
1843Suspicious Bank AccountsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1844Replace All Digits with CharactersEASYStringC++ Java Python
1845Seat Reservation ManagerMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1846Maximum Element After Decreasing and RearrangingMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1847Closest RoomHARDSortingC++ Java Python
1848Minimum Distance to the Target ElementEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1849Splitting a String Into Descending Consecutive ValuesMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
1850Minimum Adjacent Swaps to Reach the Kth Smallest NumberMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1851Minimum Interval to Include Each QueryHARDSortingC++ Java Python
1852Distinct Numbers in Each SubarrayMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1853Convert Date FormatEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1854Maximum Population YearEASYStringC++ Java Python
1855Maximum Distance Between a Pair of ValuesMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1856Maximum Subarray Min-ProductMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1857Largest Color Value in a Directed GraphHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1858Longest Word With All PrefixesMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1859Sorting the SentenceEASYSortingC++ Java Python
1860Incremental Memory LeakMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1861Rotating the BoxMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1862Sum of Floored PairsHARDMathC++ Java Python
1863Sum of All Subset XOR TotalsEASYMathC++ Java Python
1864Minimum Number of Swaps to Make the Binary String AlternatingMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1865Finding Pairs With a Certain SumMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1866Number of Ways to Rearrange Sticks With K Sticks VisibleHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1867Orders With Maximum Quantity Above AverageEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1868Product of Two Run-Length Encoded ArraysMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1869Longer Contiguous Segments of Ones than ZerosEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1870Minimum Speed to Arrive on TimeMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1871Jump Game VIIMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1872Stone Game VIIIHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1873Calculate Special BonusEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1874Minimize Product Sum of Two ArraysMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1875Group Employees of the Same SalaryMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1876Substrings of Size Three with Distinct CharactersEASYStringC++ Java Python
1877Minimize Maximum Pair Sum in ArrayMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1878Get Biggest Three Rhombus Sums in a GridEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1879Minimum XOR Sum of Two ArraysHARDGraphC++ Java Python
1880Check if Word Equals Summation of Two WordsEASYStringC++ Java Python
1881Maximum Value after InsertionMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1882Process Tasks Using ServersMEDIUMHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1883Minimum Skips to Arrive at Meeting On TimeHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1884Egg Drop With 2 Eggs and N FloorsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1885Count Pairs in Two ArraysMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1886Determine Whether Matrix Can Be Obtained By RotationEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1887Reduction Operations to Make the Array Elements EqualMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1888Minimum Number of Flips to Make the Binary String AlternatingsMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1889Minimum Space Wasted From PackagingHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1890The Latest Login in 2020EASYSQLC++ Java Python
1891Cutting RibbonsMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1892Page Recommendations IIHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1893Check if All the Integers in a Range Are CoveredEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1894Find the Student that Will Replace the ChalkMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1895Largest Magic SquareMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1896Minimum Cost to Change the Final Value of ExpressionHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1897Redistribute Characters to Make All Strings EqualEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
1898Maximum Number of Removable CharactersMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1899Merge Triplets to Form Target TripletMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1900The Earliest and Latest Rounds Where Players CompeteHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1901Find a Peak Element IIMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1902Depth of BST Given Insertion OrderMEDIUMBinary Search TreeC++ Java Python
1903Largest Odd Number in StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1904The Number of Full Rounds You Have PlayedMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1905Count Sub IslandsMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1906Minimum Absolute Difference QueriesMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1907Count Salary CategoriesMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1908Game of NimMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1909Remove One Element to Make the Array Strictly IncreasingEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1910Remove All Occurrences of a SubstringMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1911Maximum Alternating Subsequence SumMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1912Design Movie Rental SystemHARDDesignC++ Java Python
1913Maximum Product Difference Between Two PairsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1914Cyclically Rotating a GridMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1915Number of Wonderful SubstringsMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1916Count Ways to Build Rooms in an Ant ColonyHARDMathC++ Java Python
1917Leetcodify Friends RecommendationsHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1918Kth Smallest Subarray SumMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1919Leetcodify Similar FriendsHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1920Build Array from PermutationEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1921Eliminate Maximum Number of MonstersMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1922Count Good NumbersMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1923Longest Common SubpathHARDHash TableC++ Java Python
1924Erect the Fence IIHARDGeometryC++ Java Python
1925Count Square Sum TriplesEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1926Nearest Exit from Entrance in MazeMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1927Sum GameMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1928Minimum Cost to Reach Destination in TimeHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1929Concatenation of ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1930Unique Length-3 Palindromic SubsequencesMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
1931Painting a Grid With Three Different ColorsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1932Merge BSTs to Create Single BSTHARDBinary Search TreeC++ Java Python
1933Check if String Is Decomposable Into Value-Equal SubstringsEASYStringC++ Java Python
1934Confirmation RateMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1935Maximum Number of Words You Can TypeEASYStringC++ Java Python
1936Add Minimum Number of RungsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1937Maximum Number of Points with CostMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1938Maximum Genetic Difference QueryHARDTreeC++ Java Python
1939Users That Actively Request Confirmation MessagesEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1940Longest Common Subsequence Between Sorted ArraysMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1941Check if All Characters Have Equal Number of OccurrencesEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1942The Number of the Smallest Unoccupied ChairMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1943Describe the PaintingMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1944Number of Visible People in a QueueHARDStackC++ Java Python
1945Sum of Digits of String After ConvertEASYMathC++ Java Python
1946Largest Number After Mutating SubstringMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1947Maximum Compatibility Score SumMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1948Delete Duplicate Folders in SystemHARDTreeC++ Java Python
1949Strong FriendshipMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1950Maximum of Minimum Values in All SubarraysMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
1951All the Pairs With the Maximum Number of Common FollowersMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1952Three DivisorsEASYMathC++ Java Python
1953Maximum Number of Weeks for Which You Can WorkMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1954Minimum Garden Perimeter to Collect Enough ApplesMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1955Count Number of Special SubsequencesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1956Minimum Time For K Virus Variants to SpreadHARDGeometryC++ Java Python
1957Delete Characters to Make Fancy StringEASYStringC++ Java Python
1958Check if Move is LegalMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1959Minimum Total Space Wasted With K Resizing OperationsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1960Maximum Product of the Length of Two Palindromic SubstringsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1961Check If String Is a Prefix of ArrayEASYStringC++ Java Python
1962Remove Stones to Minimize the TotalMEDIUMHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
1963Minimum Number of Swaps to Make the String BalancedMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
1964Find the Longest Valid Obstacle Course at Each PositionHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
1965Employees With Missing InformationEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1966Binary Searchable Numbers in an Unsorted ArrayMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1967Number of Strings That Appear as Substrings in WordEASYStringC++ Java Python
1968Array With Elements Not Equal to Average of NeighborsMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1969Minimum Non-Zero Product of the Array ElementsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1970Last Day Where You Can Still CrossHARDArrayC++ Java Python
1971Find if Path Exists in GraphEASYGraphC++ Java Python
1972First and Last Call On the Same DayHARDSQLC++ Java Python
1973Count Nodes Equal to Sum of DescendantsMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
1974Minimum Time to Type Word Using Special TypewriterEASYStringC++ Java Python
1975Maximum Matrix SumMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
1976Number of Ways to Arrive at DestinationMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
1977Number of Ways to Separate NumbersHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1978Employees Whose Manager Left the CompanyEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1979Find Greatest Common Divisor of ArrayEASYMathC++ Java Python
1980Find Unique Binary StringMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
1981Minimize the Difference Between Target and Chosen ElementsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1982Find Array Given Subset SumsHARDMathC++ Java Python
1983Widest Pair of Indices With Equal Range SumMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1984Minimum Difference Between Highest and Lowest of K ScoresEASYTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1985Find the Kth Largest Integer in the ArrayMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1986Minimum Number of Work Sessions to Finish the TasksMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1987Number of Unique Good SubsequencesHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1988Find Cutoff Score for Each SchoolMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
1989Maximum Number of People That Can Be Caught in TagMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
1990Count the Number of ExperimentsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
1991Find the Middle Index in ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
1992Find All Groups of FarmlandMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
1993Operations on TreeMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
1994The Number of Good SubsetsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1995Count Special QuadrupletsEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
1996The Number of Weak Characters in the GameMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
1997First Day Where You Have Been in All the RoomsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
1998GCD Sort of an ArrayHARDArrayC++ Java Python
1999Smallest Greater Multiple Made of Two DigitsMEDIUMBacktrackingC++ Java Python
2000Reverse Prefix of WordEASYStringC++ Java Python
2001Number of Pairs of Interchangeable RectanglesMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2002Maximum Product of the Length of Two Palindromic SubsequencesMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2003Smallest Missing Genetic Value in Each SubtreeHARDTreeC++ Java Python
2004The Number of Seniors and Juniors to Join the CompanyHARDSQLC++ Java Python
2005Subtree Removal Game with Fibonacci TreeHARDMathC++ Java Python
2006Count Number of Pairs With Absolute Difference KEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
2007Find Original Array From Doubled ArrayMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2008Maximum Earnings From TaxiMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2009Minimum Number of Operations to Make Array ContinuousHARDTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2010The Number of Seniors and Juniors to Join the Company IIHARDSQLC++ Java Python
2011Final Value of Variable After Performing OperationsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
2012Sum of Beauty in the ArrayMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2013Detect SquaresMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
2014Longest Subsequence Repeated k TimesHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
2015Average Height of Buildings in Each SegmentMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
2016Maximum Difference Between Increasing ElementsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
2017Grid GameMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2018Check if Word Can Be Placed In CrosswordMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2019The Score of Students Solving Math ExpressionHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2020Number of Accounts That Did Not StreamMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2021Brightest Position on StreetMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
2022Convert 1D Array Into 2D ArrayEASYArrayC++ Java Python
2023Number of Pairs of Strings With Concatenation Equal to TargetMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
2024Maximize the Confusion of an ExamMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2025Maximum Number of Ways to Partition an ArrayHARDHash TableC++ Java Python
2026Low-Quality ProblemsEASYSQLC++ Java Python
2027Minimum Moves to Convert StringEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
2028Find Missing ObservationsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2029Stone Game IXMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2030Smallest K-Length Subsequence With Occurrences of a LetterHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
2031Count Subarrays With More Ones Than ZerosMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2032Two Out of ThreeEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
2033Minimum Operations to Make a Uni-Value GridMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2034Stock Price FluctuationMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
2035Partition Array Into Two Arrays to Minimize Sum DifferenceHARDArrayC++ Java Python
2036Maximum Alternating Subarray SumMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
2037Minimum Number of Moves to Seat EveryoneEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
2038Remove Colored Pieces if Both Neighbors are the Same ColorMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2039The Time When the Network Becomes IdleMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2040Kth Smallest Product of Two Sorted ArraysHARDTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2041Accepted Candidates From the InterviewsMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2042Check if Numbers Are Ascending in a SentenceEASYStringC++ Java Python
2043Simple Bank SystemMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
2044Count Number of Maximum Bitwise-OR SubsetsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2045Second Minimum Time to Reach DestinationHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2046Sort Linked List Already Sorted Using Absolute ValuesMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2047Number of Valid Words in a SentenceEASYStringC++ Java Python
2048Next Greater Numerically Balanced NumberMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
2049Count Nodes With the Highest ScoreMEDIUMDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2050Parallel Courses IIIHARDBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2051The Category of Each Member in the StoreMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2052Minimum Cost to Separate Sentence Into RowsMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2053Kth Distinct String in an ArrayEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
2054Two Best Non-Overlapping EventsMEDIUMHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
2055Plates Between CandlesMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2056Number of Valid Move Combinations On ChessboardHARDBacktrackingC++ Java Python
2057Smallest Index With Equal ValueEASYArrayC++ Java Python
2058Find the Minimum and Maximum Number of Nodes Between Critical PointsMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
2059Minimum Operations to Convert NumberMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2060Check if an Original String Exists Given Two Encoded StringsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2061Number of Spaces Cleaning Robot CleanedMEDIUMSimulationC++ Java Python
2062Count Vowel Substrings of a StringEASYTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2063Vowels of All SubstringsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2064Minimized Maximum of Products Distributed to Any StoreMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
2065Maximum Path Quality of a GraphHARDDepth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2066Account BalanceMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2067Number of Equal Count SubstringsMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2068Check Whether Two Strings are Almost EquivalentEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
2069Walking Robot Simulation IIMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
2070Most Beautiful Item for Each QueryMEDIUMSortingC++ Java Python
2071Maximum Number of Tasks You Can AssignHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
2072The Winner UniversityEASYSQLC++ Java Python
2073Time Needed to Buy TicketsEASYMathC++ Java Python
2074Reverse Nodes in Even Length GroupsMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
2075Decode the Slanted CiphertextMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2076Process Restricted Friend RequestsHARDGraphC++ Java Python
2077Paths in Maze That Lead to Same RoomMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
2078Two Furthest Houses With Different ColorsEASYArrayC++ Java Python
2079Watering PlantsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2080Range Frequency QueriesMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
2081Sum of k-Mirror NumbersHARDStringC++ Java Python
2082The Number of Rich CustomersEASYSQLC++ Java Python
2083Substrings That Begin and End With the Same LetterMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2084Drop Type 1 Orders for Customers With Type 0 OrdersMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2085Count Common Words With One OccurrenceEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
2086Minimum Number of Buckets Required to Collect Rainwater from HousesMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
2087Minimum Cost Homecoming of a Robot in a GridMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
2088Count Fertile Pyramids in a LandHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2089Find Target Indices After Sorting ArrayEASYSortingC++ Java Python
2090K Radius Subarray AveragesMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2091Removing Minimum and Maximum From ArrayMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2092Find All People With SecretHARDGraphC++ Java Python
2093Minimum Path Cost in a Hidden GridMEDIUMGraphC++ Java Python
2094Finding 3-Digit Even NumbersEASYBacktrackingC++ Java Python
2095Delete the Middle Node of a Linked ListMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
2096Step-By-Step Directions From a Binary Tree Node to AnotherMEDIUMTreeC++ Java Python
2097Valid Arrangement of PairsHARDGraphC++ Java Python
2098Subsequence of Size K With the Largest Even SumMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2099Find Subsequence of Length K With the Largest SumEASYArrayC++ Java Python
2100Find Good Days to Rob the BankMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2101Detonate the Maximum BombsMEDIUMGeometryC++ Java Python
2102Sequentially Ordinal Rank TrackerHARDDesignC++ Java Python
2103Rings and RodsEASYStringC++ Java Python
2104Sum of Subarray RangesMEDIUMStackC++ Java Python
2105Watering Plants IIMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2106Maximum Fruits Harvested After at Most K StepsHARDArrayC++ Java Python
2107Number of Unique Flavors After Sharing K CandiesMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2108Find First Palindromic String in the ArrayEASYStringC++ Java Python
2109Adding Spaces to a StringMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
2110Number of Smooth Descent Periods of a StockMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2111Minimum Operations to Make the Array K-IncreasingHARDBinary SearchC++ Java Python
2112The Airport With the Most TrafficMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2113Elements in Array After Removing and Replacing ElementsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2114Maximum Number of Words Found in SentencesEASYStringC++ Java Python
2115Find All Possible Recipes from Given SuppliesMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2116Check if a Parentheses String Can Be ValidMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
2117Abbreviating the Product of a RangeHARDMathC++ Java Python
2118Build the EquationHARDSQLC++ Java Python
2119A Number After a Double ReversalEASYMathC++ Java Python
2120Execution of All Suffix Instructions Staying in a GridMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
2121Intervals Between Identical ElementsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2122Recover the Original ArrayHARDArrayC++ Java Python
2123Minimum Operations to Remove Adjacent Ones in MatrixHARDGraphC++ Java Python
2124Check if All A's Appears Before All B'sEASYStringC++ Java Python
2125Number of Laser Beams in a BankMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2126Destroying AsteroidsMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
2127Maximum Employees to Be Invited to a MeetingHARDGraphC++ Java Python
2128Remove All Ones With Row and Column FlipsMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2129Capitalize the TitleEASYStringC++ Java Python
2130Maximum Twin Sum of a Linked ListMEDIUMLinked ListC++ Java Python
2131Longest Palindrome by Concatenating Two Letter WordsMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
2132Stamping the GridHARDArrayC++ Java Python
2133Check if Every Row and Column Contains All NumbersEASYMathC++ Java Python
2134Minimum Swaps to Group All 1's Together IIMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2135Count Words Obtained After Adding a LetterMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
2136Earliest Possible Day of Full BloomHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
2137Pour Water Between Buckets to Make Water Levels EqualMEDIUMBinary SearchC++ Java Python
2138Divide a String Into Groups of Size kEASYStringC++ Java Python
2139Minimum Moves to Reach Target ScoreMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
2140Solving Questions With BrainpowerMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2141Maximum Running Time of N ComputersHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
2142The Number of Passengers in Each Bus IMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2143Choose Numbers From Two Arrays in RangeHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2144Minimum Cost of Buying Candies With DiscountEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
2145Count the Hidden SequencesMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2146K Highest Ranked Items Within a Price RangeMEDIUMBreadth-First SearchC++ Java Python
2147Number of Ways to Divide a Long CorridorHARDGreedyC++ Java Python
2148Count Elements With Strictly Smaller and Greater ElementsEASYMathC++ Java Python
2149Rearrange Array Elements by SignMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2150Find All Lonely Numbers in the ArrayMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
2151Maximum Good People Based on StatementsHARDBit ManipulationC++ Java Python
2152Minimum Number of Lines to Cover PointsMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2153The Number of Passengers in Each Bus IIHARDSQLC++ Java Python
2154Keep Multiplying Found Values by TwoEASYHash TableC++ Java Python
2155All Divisions With the Highest Score of a Binary ArrayMEDIUMArrayC++ Java Python
2156Find Substring With Given Hash ValueMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
2157Groups of StringsHARDStringC++ Java Python
2158Amount of New Area Painted Each DayHARDSortingC++ Java Python
2159Order Two Columns IndependentlyMEDIUMSQLC++ Java Python
2160Minimum Sum of Four Digit Number After Splitting DigitsEASYGreedyC++ Java Python
2161Partition Array According to Given PivotMEDIUMTwo PointersC++ Java Python
2162Minimum Cost to Set Cooking TimeMEDIUMSimulationC++ Java Python
2163Minimum Difference in Sums After Removal of ElementsHARDHeap (Priority Queue)C++ Java Python
2164Sort Even and Odd Indices IndependentlyEASYSortingC++ Java Python
2165Smallest Value of the Rearranged NumberMEDIUMGreedyC++ Java Python
2166Design BitsetMEDIUMDesignC++ Java Python
2167Minimum Time to Remove All Cars Containing Illegal GoodsHARDDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python
2168Unique Substrings With Equal Digit FrequencyMEDIUMStringC++ Java Python
2169Count Operations to Obtain ZeroEASYMathC++ Java Python
2170Minimum Operations to Make the Array AlternatingMEDIUMHash TableC++ Java Python
2171Removing Minimum Number of Magic BeansMEDIUMMathC++ Java Python
2172Maximum AND Sum of ArrayHARDGraphC++ Java Python
2173Longest Winning StreakHARDSQLC++ Java Python
2174Remove All Ones With Row and Column Flips IIMEDIUMDynamic ProgrammingC++ Java Python