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Advantage Of Android Development
Businesses today are turning to mobile apps to expand their strategies to tap a higher customer base. With over 86.8% share, Android OS dominates the mobile app development market. Leveraging the benefits of Android application development is, therefore, a necessity for organizations. It is expected to surge even further in the coming years.

Android app development offers tremendous strategic and operational benefits. Therefore, regardless of their size, businesses are leveraging android app development to grow their business and improve their revenues.

Google Free Android Development Course

It has never been more important to get enterprise mobility right.
Training and certifications not only increase an individual’s knowledge and skills, but improves their versatility and confidence. 85% of IT professionals hold at least 1 certification, with 66% already thinking about the next one.

Android Enterprise Partner Training offers an array of tools to expand your skills and maximize your knowledge of the Android Enterprise Ecosystem.

Learn everything from the value proposition of Android in enterprise to deep technical concepts such as Android security, architecting the right solutions for your customers or being able to troubleshoot issues – then get ready to apply that knowledge to your role. The learning paths are recognized globally and industry-wide, so you can be confident that your training is up to date, relevant and valuable to you.

Browse our catalog of training and certifications. We have created training specific to different roles for a better learning experience, and are continually improving our training offerings. Choose the training that best fits your needs or complete them all for the most comprehensive knowledge.

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