943. Find the Shortest Superstring LeetCode Solution | Easy Approach

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Find the Shortest Superstring Given an array of strings words, return the smallest string that contains each string in words as a substring. If there are multiple valid strings of the smallest length, return any of them.

You may assume that no string in words is a substring of another string in words.

Example 1:

Input: words = ["alex","loves","leetcode"]
Output: "alexlovesleetcode"
Explanation: All permutations of "alex","loves","leetcode" would also be accepted.

Example 2:

Input: words = ["catg","ctaagt","gcta","ttca","atgcatc"]
Output: "gctaagttcatgcatc"


  • 1 <= words.length <= 12
  • 1 <= words[i].length <= 20
  • words[i] consists of lowercase English letters.
  • All the strings of words are unique.

Find the Shortest Superstring Solutions

Time: O(n)
Space: O(n)


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