Best Python projects to finish in a weekend


Python has gotten quite possibly the most famous dialects. So getting just the hypothetical information will be of no utilization except if and until you don’t chip away at some ongoing tasks. Chipping away at such ventures will test your Python information and you will get a few active encounter. In addition, dealing with such undertakings will assist you with improving your insight

Get Live Weather Desktop Notifications Using Python:

We know weather updates are how much important in our day-to-day life. So, We are introducing the logic and script with some easiest way to understand for everyone. Let’s see a simple Python script to show the live update for Weather information

Modules Needed

In this content, we are utilizing a few libraries

  • bs4: Beautiful Soup(bs4) is a Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files. To install this module type the below command in the terminal.
pip install bs4
  • win10toast: This library helps in making work area notices. To introduce this module type the beneath order in the terminal.
pip install win10toast

Approach :

  1. Extract data form given URL.
  2. Scrape the data with the help of requests and Beautiful Soup.
  3. Convert that data into html code.
  4. Find the required details and filter them.
  5. Save the result in the String.
  6. Pass the result in Notification object.

Automate Instagram Messages using Python:

In this article, we will see how to send a single message to any number of people. We just have to provide a list of users. We will use selenium for this task.

Packages needed

  • Selenium: It is an open-source tool that automates web browsers. It provides a single interface that lets you write test scripts in programming languages like Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#, among others. I personally prefer Python as it’s very easy to write code in python. A browser-driver then executes these scripts on a browser-instance on your device. To install this module run this command into your terminal.
pip install selenium
  • webdriver-manager: It provides a way to automatically manage drivers for different browsers. To install this module run this command into your terminal.
pip install webdriver-manager
  • ChromeDriver: ChromeDriver is a separate executable that Selenium WebDriver uses to control Chrome.
  • Google Chrome

 For the detailed implementation part just visit here

Django Sign Up and login with confirmation Email

Django by default provides an authentication system configurationUser objects are the core of the authentication we will implement Django’s authentication system.

Modules required : 

pip install --upgrade django-crispy-forms

Basic setup :
Start a project by the following command –

 django-admin startproject project

Change directory to project –

 cd project

Start the server- Start the server by typing the following command in terminal –

 python runserver

To check whether the server is running or not go to a web browser and enter as URL.
Now stop the server by pressing


 For the detailed implementation part just visit here

Whatsapp birthday bot

Have you ever wished to automatically wish your friends on their birthdays, or send a set of messages to your friend ( or any Whastapp contact! ) automatically at a pre-set time, or send your friends by sending thousands of random text on whatsapp! Using Browser Automation you can do all of it and much more!

First you must install these:-
1) Python Bindings for Selenium ( Browser Automation software )

pip install selenium

2) Chrome webdriver
Download Chrome driver from here: Chromedriver download page( choose your specific version )

How the bot does it

The script uses PySelenium package to open a Chrome webdriver window on which all tasks are done. It checks if the current date and month matches the ones in a json file. If yes, the ‘name’ attribute of it is returned which is used to find the corresponding chat in Whatsapp web(finding by xpath). The script then simulates click on the chat, opens it, types the message in the chat box and simulates a click on the send button.

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a very simple and light way of storing data. Though it’s derived from JavaScript, it is language independent and is similar in looks to Python Dictionaries
Check out this article for more on JSON.

 For the detailed implementation part just visit here

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