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As a developer, you have a lot of tasks to do on a daily basis. That is why you will need to use extension in order to boost your development process and be more productive.

In this article, we will discover some useful vs code extensions for developers. Let’s get right into it.

Git lens Extension

We all need a system of control of different versions of our app. That’s why we use git.

When we open a file we need to know who added the code or remove it. We need to know the history of this file. Git lens help you with that. This app tracks all changes in file in a convenient way. From now with that app.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Live Share

Nowadays developers are working remotely and at some point you will need help from your colleges. Probably you will call them on skype, will show them code and will ask some questions about it. It’s not a convenient way.

Live share allows us to work literally together in one file. One is the server the other can connect to him. Good old days when you needed to say go to the line 120 and pass parameter A in the past.

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Material Icon Theme

As a developer I worked with different types of files like js, html, ts, css. Even if files have the same extension the purpose of classes are different like model, controller, pipe etc. It is good when you have a different icon for every situation, you just look at an icon and know what this file contains.

This extension does exactly what I just said to you.

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File Switcher

The name of the extension is pretty self explained. Every project is divided into small parts that mean you will have js/ts file, html file and css/less file for each component. This extension helps you switch between those files.

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Prettier Extension

How can somebody make a list of tools for developers without a tool for formatting? I will not make an exception.

Prettier supports all formats for frontend developers like html, json, css, js, ts etc.

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